Save 10% on your first order with code MYFIRSTTLV!
Save 10% on your first order with code MYFIRSTTLV!
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About us

TLV was founded by Sujala Newar in 2018 out of a lifelong love for thrifting and discovering vintage treasures. Born and brought up in the small picturesque town of Shillong where thrifting has been a common practice, she had spent most of her college life obsessing over fashion and going through piles and piles of clothes at second-hand shops to find unique pieces. It was only after she moved back to Shillong in 2018 after a successful 7 year stint in the fashion industry in Bombay that she decided to start TLV as a destination for one of a kind vintage pieces as well as provide an alternative to fast fashion.

TLV aims at reinventing vintage pieces to suit the modern aesthetic and to remove the stigma attached to wearing second-hand clothes by reimagining vintage and making it accessible to all. With an experience of having worked in fashion magazines such as Elle and Femina, Sujala has cultivated a keen eye for details and uses her expertise to personally hand pick and curate all the pieces herself. Our collection spans over the '60s to the '90s with majority of the pieces from the '80s and '90s era.

We believe in second chances. We hope you do too and find something you love at our store :)

Thank you for being here and choosing vintage!